AM1NAH – Monatomic Gold

AM1NAH – Monatomic Gold

Monatomic Gold – Natural Wholefoods of Our Planet


Monatomic Gold is packed with all the nutrients necessary to encourage and promote optimum health. It is the only product of its kind available today. When you add it to your diet you are supplying your body with large amounts of naturally sourced Monatomic Gold plus antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and chlorophyll all from one daily spoonful.
It is a unique and superior formulation. No other product with monatomic gold comes close to it in standard of manufacture and quality. It is a totally unique high quality product developed with love and care.

What you feed your body reflects itself in the quality of your health and vitality. It is well recognised today that the average Western diet is seriously lacking in essential good nutrients and vital life force from living foods. As a result, the majority of people suffer from some form of malnutrition without realising it which at the extreme level, includes often avoidable conditions such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (also called M E), Diabetes, Asthma, Coronary Heart Disease, Indigestion and even Cancer, to name but a few.

People all too often fail to consider the relationship between diet and health…Let food be thy medicine!
All is not doom-and-gloom as your body and spirit, if given a regular balanced nutritional intake, maintains good health naturally so the conditions above do not develop. The problem can be easily addressed by adding Monatomic Gold to your daily diet. This gives your mind, body and spirit the specific nutrition they each need.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle today is challenging. Whilst supplements offer a convenient nutritional boost, the number of products on the market can be overwhelming, particularly for families striving to maintain a healthy, vegetarian and/or halal lifestyle.Whilst ingredients need to meet strict dietary guidelines, the majority of vitamin capsules on the market are made from pork Gelatine or other non-halal sources (which are forbidden for all Muslims). They may also contain additional non-halal ingredients such as Glycerine, or Ethanol. Therefore we have cleverly created a solution: a Halal Food Farmacyso that Muslim consumers can also indeed “Let Food Be Thy Medicine”. The market is a minefield for Muslim consumers to navigate with ambiguous labelling and retailers often unable to clarify which ingredients may be unlawful or forbidden. Often the only safe option for consumers is to buy more expensive vegetarian foods which means limited choice … until now.

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