Smoked Beef Broth Chai


A perfect combination of gelatin-rich meat, aromatic spices and lapsang souchong tea leaves.

To give this tea its unmistakable flavour, the beef is marinated for 24 hours then roasted and simmered with aromatic healing spices. The plucked black tea leaves have been withered over pine fires, pan-dried and rolled and placed in bamboo baskets and smoked over smouldering pinewood fires.
Lots of coffee addicts love this tea.

We know how to really bring out the deep flavours of our beef. Each sip is truly magical!





  • Lapsang Souchong Loose Tea leaves
  • AM1NAH Liquid Gold – Pili Pili Beef Oxtail and Cow Foot
  • Pure Water


500 ml 1 ltr
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