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About us



“I believe we are here to recognise the creative powers of our minds. We are here to take control of our creative thoughts. We are here to explore and reveal the secrets of Mother Nature. We are here to consciously build our minds through conscious cooking and eating because food is our means of survival.
As AM1NAH’s Mother it is my calling to deliver Mother Nature’s Forgotten Elixir’s to humanity as We Are What We Eat. The importance of what we eat is now firmly recognised and must now be fully understood.

My family and I doing twice yearly cleanses, eating fermented foods and bone broth at least 4 times a week in 1/2 cup portions. We drink broth tea daily. I love food too much to feel like I cannot eat foods that are satisfying, creative and exciting.

Food is spiritual for me. It is my path. Helping others heal is my path. Teaching is my path. And as I share my recipes with you, I also eat them.

You are not alone in your path to health.
We do this journey together!”


Ms Iram Kassam, Halal Food Farmacy Ltd, 5th June 2017, Birmingham, UK.



“Convenience Without Compromise”

Women’s role as the primary provider of food for young children, a critical aspect of child care has changed. It is important to understand how decisions relating to food purchasing, preparation, and consumption are made for themselves and their families.

AM1NAH is the UK’s first Halal brand to address the issues families face in providing optimal nutrition to their children and nurturing healthy eating habits as increasing numbers of women join the labour force and delegate the task of child care to others.

AM1NAH is created by a hardworking and committed Mum-trepeneur of 5 beautiful children, for all other busy working parents because as the saying goes “A Parents’ Work Is Never Done”. A Mother’s Instinct being Natural And Healing led to the creation of AM1NAH, inspired by a Higher Consciousness, to understand, explain and promote the benefits of Mother Nature’s Forgotten Elixirs and create magical Tonics and Concoctions for Modern Living that are suitable from the age of 6 months upwards.

You can trust AM1NAH. It is derived from the Arabic word meaning “trusted” and “to feel safe” and is also the given name of the AM1NAH brand mascot, the Founder’s youngest daughter who is pictured here.

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