AM1NAH’s 1 st 1,000 DAYS: 27th August 2015 – 19th April 2018

AM1NAH’s 1 st 1,000 DAYS: 27th August 2015 – 19th April 2018

This is a brief insight into the Founder and CEO’s 1st 1,000 days journey that has led to the creation of the Halal Food Farmacy and flagship AM1NAH brand concept, set up in order to nourish and heal the mind, body and spirit from the age of baby weaning upwards in order to reach optimal health.

Having prepared and consumed Halal Bone Broth for many years due to its numerous health benefits, the aim to disrupt the halal food industry with the UK’s 1st Halal Food Farmacy and Liquid-Gold Halal Bone Broth, is in full swing.

Having successfully studied Food as Medicine – a course run by the world renowned Monash University in Australia, the Founder is currently studying Islamic Herbal Medicine and the Hippocrates Lifestyle Medicine Coaching Programme in order to become certified to teach Organic, Living-Foods Plant-Based Nutrition.

On the fateful date of 29th April 2016 (a mere 10 days after giving birth) started something that was to transform her family’s life forever as the family became embroiled in a heart-wrenching legal battle just days after their new arrival.

This personal family tragedy caused much pain and suffering on an emotional, physical and spiritual level, thereby delaying post-partum healing as well as causing a significant delay in bonding between her children. It was suggested by the legal and medical professionals involved that the Founder should arrange for a doctor to prescribe anti-depressants in order to heal. This was categorically refused on the grounds that the anti-depressants would NOT allow her to heal naturally.

The was tasked with having to emotionally, physically and spiritually nourish and heal herself and her family through food and other healthcare products in order to share this blessing with mankind. Lack of family support during her pregnancy and beyond had resulted in trusting her hippie inner self to nourish herself and her baby for the 1st 1,000 days. In staying true to herself, she has successfully completed her mission and now wishes to enjoy sharing her story and lovingly created products with families across the world.

On the blessed 19th April 2018 – Founder and CEO Ms Iram Kassam and Miss Aminah Kassam, her youngest daughter who is also the flagship brand mascot, became the first British Muslim Mother and Daughter to successfully complete the AM1NAH 1st 1,000 DAYS Pregnancy and Post-Partum Natural, Nourishing, Healing and Holistic Broth-based Wellbeing Programme.

1,000 days later, a natural and organic, nutrient-dense broth-based diet and holistic approach to pregnancy and beyond has resulted in happy pregnancies, quick and easy natural deliveries of all of her five children, the use of naturally effective post-partum healing massage techniques, holistic baby-led weaning and the preparation and cooking of foods consciously has resulted in successful post-partum recoveries for both mum and babies as well as producing healthy, happy and bright children.

Am1nah Is Created With Pure Love In Order To Serve Humanity!

You Are What You Eat!

Let Food Be Thy Medicine And Let Medicine Be Thy Food!