Natural Halal Tallow Skincare for Eczema

Natural Halal Tallow Skincare for Eczema

Have you ever read that “discontinue after two weeks of use” statement in microscopic font on the
pamphlet inside the steroid cream box you probably threw away? That statement is there because your skin can literally
become addicted to the steroid cream if you use it for more than two weeks. Cortisone creams and ointments cause eczema,
because they are addictive. Eczema sufferers become addicted to the topical medications being prescribed.
So, if you go two days without the cream, the eczema comes back because the itchiness and rash are side effects of
withdrawal. All the chemicals and preservatives in the steroid cream also throw your skin micro-biome off balance,
therefore, exacerbating your symptoms. After years of using steroid cream, the time comes to switch to all natural
skincare products, so you can truly heal your eczema.

Natural Facial Products for Eczema

When GAPS (Gut And Physiology Syndrome) clients decided to try healing eczema for good, they focused on simplifying
their skincare routines. The less they put on their skin the better the skin healed. When trying to figure out how to
make eczema go away, they always wanted to try new things. They kept adding, and adding more and more things that were
supposed to help the skin heal… but it turns out that they were making everything worse. When they simplified, not only
the number of things they put on their skin but also the ingredients, everything changed.
The majority decided to use two natural facial products, and not wear makeup, in order to let the skin heal. They
switched to all natural bar soap for facial cleansing, and handmade tallow cream for moisturiser.

They ditched the steroid cream & voluntarily went through withdrawal. Once they found a skincare routine that
works, they stuck to it!
Since then, they have not tried any new skincare. They found what works for them
and there is no sense in switching it up.

If you’ve used steroid cream for an extended period of time, talk to your doctor about stopping. Stopping extended use
of steroid cream means that you will withdraw from it because it is an addictive drug. Also, if you choose to quit the
steroid cream and go through withdrawal, prepare to look like a lizard… in the driest desert. Prepare to be so itchy you
feel insane, and to be in pain. Clients have broken out in multiple rashes and had chills. It’s not easy. You do need
extremely supportive and loving family and friends to help you through this.

On average, it takes about 3 weeks total for the withdrawals to stop. You will look like a whole new
person. Your skin will actually start glowing for the first time ever and all of the eczema will eventually be gone! Try
not to get overly excited and try some face serum that you have never used before. That’s when the eczema will return.
If you do, please discontinue use so as to become eczema free!

How does one cope and care for their skin while going through withdrawals? With the most natural skincare products and a
lot of self-control. You will also need to give up all makeup for a few months. Typically, you should
wear no make-up at all for about three months, then gradually add back in organic and halal natural make up.

AM1NAH Healing Eczema Skincare Routine


Apple cider vinegar helps relieve eczema. While going through withdrawal and trying to balance out/ re-colonise the skin
micro-biome, spray a diluted apple cider vinegar mixture on your body. Add a spoonful of apple cider vinegar to Epsom
salt baths.


  • 1 oz Raw ACV with The Mother
  • 3 oz Freshly brewed green tea
  • 5 drops of red thyme essential oil.

When visiting the doctor for atopic dermatitis you’ll no doubt be familiar with this response: “eczema isn’t
caused by food, it could be anything your skin is in contact with though. Here’s some steroid cream.” It turns out
that the main thing causing the eczema is the steroid cream being prescribed. After years of using steroid cream,
the penny finally drops and it’s time to switch to all natural skincare products, so that you can truly heal your

  • Moisturise with simple natural ingredients
    • during withdrawal only use Organic Hemp Tallow Whip. This is what will save your skin through the
      withdrawal period.
    • Use our Organic Jojoba Tallow Whip for moisturiser.
  • Facial Steams, then moisturise
    • An excellent simple facial steam includes green tea leaves and hot water. Simply add hot water to a bowl with green tea. Drape a towel
      over your head and create a mini sauna for your face over the bowl. This opens the pores and allows for better absorption of moisturiser.
  • Use soap in extreme moderation
    • During topical steroid withdrawal, use a natural soap only once a week. While healing, only washed the necessary body parts with soap daily (i.e. armpits, private parts). Rinse everything else with warm water. Bathe your whole body with soap only once a week (face included). This is vital in rebuilding skin micro-biome.

Exfoliating Eczema

Exfoliating is vital in healing eczema. It aided in detoxing the steroids by removing all the dead and damaged skin cells. Exfoliating also helps with blood flow and skin regeneration. While withdrawing, dry brush all eczema patches, and in the shower use a bamboo exfoliating brush with just water, no soap or purchase an exfoliating glove to exfoliate your face and body with it.

Does Coconut Oil Help Eczema?

You might be wondering if a thick moisturiser like coconut oil is good for eczema. It is! The majority have used coconut oil to moisturise in the past, but prefer tallow whips. Our tallow whips are basically magic for your skin. During steroid cream withdrawal put the tallow whip on your face immediately after exfoliating with warm water. We attribute quick skin healing to our tallow whip, and clients are keen to use our tallow to make their own.

Epsom Salts For Eczema

Epsom salt baths or soaks are fantastic for your skin! Not only does the salt water help to rebalance the skin micro-biome and soothe eczema, it is also a great source of transdermal magnesium to aid in hormone balance. Magnesium is one of the most important minerals in the body, and is vital in the healing process. Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate, which can be absorbed through the skin and used to regulate stress and healing.