Jummah mubarak from the am1nah team

Jummah mubarak from the am1nah team

Bone Broth also known as yakhni/bone soup/shorba/marrow bone soup/soup/liquid-stock has been used for centuries particularly in the preparation of soups, stews, sauces and reductions. This nutritive supplement is basically prepared by boiling bones together with vegetables, meat, and/or spices. During the process, the liquid is normally skimmed and thereafter, the solids removed by sieving off any remaining liquid. The resultant product often has a light flavour and thin texture.

Although bone broth is not new, it has recently become popular because of academic and scientific interest. Bone broth is extremely nutritious for human health.

Follow the AM1NAH blog for more information on the health benefits of Bone Broth over the next few days. The 1st health benefit is explained here:

1) Healing Power

Bone broth has been proven to have the ability of shortening the healing period among those who are recuperating from different illnesses because of the many nutrients with anti-inflammatory properties (such as glycine, proline, and arginine).

Bone broth nutrition is also beneficial to those whose immune systems have been weakened. AM1NAH Liquid-Gold Turmeric and Ginger TLC Chicken bone broth in particular helps cure respiratory diseases. It is rich in cysteine, a naturally derived amino acid that has the ability to reduce mucus that forms in the lungs. This enhances the removal of excessive mucus from the respiratory system thus eliminating infections in the respiratory system.

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) used to consume Bone broth regularly so I will be posting one his favourite recipes in the next few days inshaAllah.

Peace, Love and Light. Stay Blessed!